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The Military and Veterans Service Alliance

                                     MISSION STATEMENT

           The Military and Veterans Service Alliance will coordinate the efforts of public, private, and non-profit
               organizations serving active military, veterans, and their families by enhancing inter-agency
                               communication and utilizing shared metrics of progress.
 HELP IS HERE  The Beaufort County community will be a strategic leader in the provision

 843.524.4357  of coordinated services through cooperating community agencies serving active
          military, veterans, and their families to enhance quality of life and to provide stability
          and self-sustainability.

          Without prejudice as to where, how long, or what branch one has served,
          active or veteran, male or female; We, the Military and Veterans Service
          Alliance will work to accomplish the following, using all available assets
          within the community and beyond:
          1. Assist our military and veterans community in all the benefits to
              which they are entitled;
 United Way of the Lowcountry’s HELPLINE is a free one-stop  2. Work to obtain more resources for our military service members,

 information and referral service for Beaufort and Jasper counties       veterans, their immediate families and survivors;
          3. Acknowledge those companies, organizations, and/or county, state,
 that provides easy access to human services in our community.      or federal government services that excel in supporting military
              families and veterans in services, benefits, hiring and discounts;
          4. Support any effort by a member organization that will benefit the
 Our HELPLINE staff can answer your questions about where to find help with:      military and veteran community;
          5. Ensure that our community is a place where all military members
 Rent/Utility Assistance  Physical/Mental Health  Elderly/Disabled Services      and veterans are proud to live, raise a family, and retire;
          6. Advocate for military and veterans issues.
 Food Banks   Employment Services   Credit Counseling  H VALUES

 Shelter   Childcare Resources  And More...
        As the Military and Veterans Service Alliance, we value honesty, respect, service
        to community, patriotism, sacrifice and personal excellence. We acknowledge,
        respect and honor all military service members and veterans for their service to
        The United States of America, without regard to when or where they served. We
 Stronger Together.  proudly pledge ourselves to creating and maintaining a community where all
        military service members, veterans, their immediate families and survivors are
        proud to live. We have a passion for the military and veterans, and firmly believe
        that excellence is not a goal, it is a standard.
 We all have a stake in each other’s success.
 When you donate to United Way of the
 Lowcountry you are actually supporting more

 than 20 local nonprofit agencies in Beaufort and   Aim your smart phone camera
 Jasper counties as well as our own Early Grade    here and click on the link that
 pops up to make a donation.
 Reading initiatives, Operation Backpack, the

 Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program,
 HELPLINE and more. Please consider supporting
 United Way of the Lowcountry. Learn more
 at                                                                                 5
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