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SCEDP                   South Carolina Equipment

                                Distribution Program

          The South Carolina Equipment Distribution Program
          (SCEDP) provides NO-COST phone equipment and            How to Apply
          alerting devices to South Carolinians living with a
          hearing or speech challenge.                                 Fill out an application.

          To qualify,  an individual must have a hearing or speech     Have a professional certifier complete
          challenge, have active phone service, and live in South      the certification form on the back of
          Carolina.                                                    the application.

          Individuals who qualify for the program are provided         Send in the completed application
          equipment to use as long as they remain in the state,        with a copy of the individual’s South
          have  active  phone  service,  and  have  a  need  for  the   Carolina ID and a current phone bill.
          device. Different options are available depending on
          the individual’s needs.                                      Once all the information is processed,
                                                                       equipment  will  be  shipped  to  the
                                                                       individual. (Equipment may take up to
                                                                       30 business days to ship.)

                                   Request an



                                                           To get an application, call or email SCEDP. You may also
                                                           visit the website to download and print an application.

                                                                    Toll Free: 1 (877) 225-8337
                                                                       TTY: 1 (877) 889-8337

                                                                        1401 Main Street, Suite 825
                                                                            Columbia, SC 29201

                                                                      Email: AmplifyLife@ORS.SC.GOV


                                                                      SCEDP is administered by the South
                                                                      Carolina Office of Regulatory Staff

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