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               Our aim is to support communities to:

                   •  Achieve their dream of starting their own business

                   •  Acknowledge the vital role that wellbeing plays at the heart of success.

               We specialize in meeting every individual where he or she starts from.
               Through interviews and observation, we help individuals perceive and
               articulate their own wellness goals and personal development aspirations.

               The core of our wellness and development model is the one-on-one personal
               relationship between coach, individual and with support from peers.

               While holistic practice and healing is timeless, Woman World Today is also well
               adapted to life in the 21  Century.  We leverage a variety of network effects to
               maximize our productivity and increase the value we’re able to provide each
               person.  We maintain relationships with individuals, non-profits and other
               organizations in order to create robust cross-referrals opportunities.

               Every individual we work with has complete access to our extensive network of
               wellness and personal development resources, including counselling and
               mentoring services.  And because the personal relationship is central to our
               business, each coach guides the individual to exactly the resources that can

               make the biggest positive difference.

               Ros Ferguson
               Director & Founder

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